Thursday, February 16, 2012

california - day 7

 On our last day in California, we didn't really have much planned.  It was nice to have some jammy time in the morning & take things slow.  The boys were excited to try these yummy breakfast sausages coated with pancake batter!  Yum-O!

 Squeezing in more cuddle time!

 Finley sure misses Dominic!  And Lincoln too, of course.  :)

 Cedar & Dominic, hiding behind the chair!

 Fun times on the deflating air bed!

 Silly boys!

 Dance party!

We ran a few errands to pick up some road trip snacks.  Then Melissa & I walked to Cake Mamas for a special treat with the kids, while Kenton napped in preparation for the long drive home.

 The 2 (almost 3) year-olds!

 Super Mamas!  ;)

 Wiped out from the walk.

 We met up for our final meal at...where else? In-N-Out!  :P

 Visiting with Tate & the Ruddicks.

 Daring Cedar!

We thought this would be the last time seeing the Ruddicks until we were back in Eugene, but we actually ended up stopped at the same gas station in the middle of the night!

My parents stayed for one more night, but the rest of us drove through the night, resting as needed, back to Eugene.  What a wonderful trip we had.  We feel so blessed that we were able to miss work & spend a whole week with our extended family in Southern California.  We miss them all so much & it is such a treat to visit.  But now, it's their turn!  ;)  See you all (in Oregon!) next time!

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