Friday, December 5, 2014

wildlife safari

We drove down to Roseburg to visit the Wildlife Safari on Veteran's Day.

It was so fun for the kids to be out of their seats, able to move to whichever window was closest to the wild animals. :)

The giraffe walked right past Kenton's window! Amazing!

Silly emu.

Extreme closeup!

Walking around the Safari Village. We could not have asked for better weather. It was a beautiful, autumn day.

Cool ducks.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to get some fall portraits of Elsa & the boys.

She started walking this month & is doing so well! She walks more than she crawls now.

Right before Elsa fell right off the bench.  Sheesh. :\

This slide was too steep! :[

Family selfie with the big camera. Not easy to do.

Elsa was getting tired & losing patience with us.

The best day ever! (according to Finn & Cedar) :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

a harry potter party for finley & cohen

 Finley & Cohen both requested Harry Potter parties this year & with their birthdays being one day apart, we combined our efforts into one big party! This was probably the most fun theme that could've been chosen, for me, so I got totally into it! Also, Pinterest & free printables online became my favorite things ever!

Finley in front of "The Three Broomsticks", where you could have some Butterbeer or Gilly Water. :)

 The Chases did an amazing job creating unique & beautiful wands for "Ollivanders Wand Shop". These really blew me away.  So cool!

 "Honeydukes" sweet shoppe, complete with chocolate frogs, fizzing whizzbees, sour slugs, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, & Dumbledore's lemon drops.

 Platform 9 3/4

 Balloon owls & house banners in the background

 A few wand battles, here & there.

 After snacking for a bit, we brought the kids outside for a quidditch match.

 The dads took this activity on & did an amazing job of teaching the kids to play & "refereeing".

 Goals posts.

 Harry & Ron
(aka Finley & Cohen)

 Tyler played the part of the golden snitch.

 One player from each team was given the job of grabbing the tennis ball that was in a sock hanging from Tyler's waist band. :P

 A couple cute spectators. :)

 Finn's turn to be the snitch!

 A group shot!
They played several rounds & really seemed to have a great time! The perfect activity for a gaggle of busy boys!

 The awesome ice cream cake, by Becca!

Kenton & I dressed as a wizard & witch! Such fun! Thanks for the great idea, Finley & Cohen! We sure loved planning your party. :)