Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter sunday 2014

 The boys woke up just before 7:00 am this morning, so they had some waiting to do before Kenton & I were ready to begin the Easter celebrations.  :]

We started the morning off with Keith Green's "Easter Song" (such a great song!) & reading through the Easter story using Resurrection Eggs.  This is a new tradition for our little family (just our third year) & I really like how engaged the boys stay when reading through the story & learning the symbolism of the items in the eggs.  Such a great way to start our morning, to remember the real significance of Easter, & to be thankful for Christ's death & resurrection!

 The kids each got a few things in their Easter baskets: some books, swim stuff for our upcoming trip to Great Wolf Lodge, some gum & treats.  :)

 I made some bunny teethers for Elsa, inspired by some pins on Pinterest!

 My peaceful view (at the moment).

 I was excited to show Elsa her basket, when she woke up.  :)

 This expression totally cracks me up!

 That's better.

 Still a bit confused, but she seemed to enjoy her book.  :)


 After a lovely service at our church, we gathered at Kenton's parents' house for more Easter fun & a yummy dinner.

a family portrait

 The Oregon Henrys

 These two.

 Silly girl.

 On the hunt for eggs!

 Some photos of me & my girl.

 I'm usually behind the camera, so it's nice to have some photos of me from time to time.

 Silly faces!

 Great smile!


 So fun to shake (& taste!) the eggs.  :)

Pappa, Mummi & their three grandchildren.

easter saturday & aaron's party

 We combined an Easter celebration with a birthday party for Aaron's 40th on Saturday, April 19th.

 Elsa enjoyed Papa's smoked chicken drumsticks!

 Lining up for an egg hunt!

 The kids had tons of fun, despite the sad look on Tate's face.  (He recovered quickly & enjoyed himself.)  :]

 Tyler helped the dads hide eggs this year & had fun giving clues to the younger cousins.  :P

 Treats in his cheeks.


We finished off the evening with gifts & banana cream pie for the birthday boy... er, dude!  
Happy 40th Aaron!  
Crazy crazy!

Such sweet girlies.  :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

color me rad eugene 2014

 I roped a couple of friends into doing the Color Me Rad 5K with me!  I've never done a "run" before & this one is a perfect one to start with!  Carolyn & I ended up walking most of it & Stephanie ran ahead to keep warm.  :P  It started out pretty chilly, but we warmed up soon enough.


 Warming up with some Zumba.

 Kenton, Jesse & the kids were waiting for us at the finish line, armed with color bombs!

 Apparently, I like to throw my arms in the air to show my excitement.  It seems like a theme throughout these photos.  :P

 Finn got Carolyn in the face!

 We came back around to give them another chance to cover us in the powdery paint.

 Alma wanted to see what was happening.

 I made sure to dress the boys in clothes that they could get messy in.  :)

 Off to the finish!  Finn & Cedar ran the last stretch with us.

 Love the orange haze.

That's me, with my arms in the air again.  You can see Cedar between the two women behind me.  :P

So fun.

Jesse got this fun photo for me.  :)

So glad that Carolyn & I got to do this together.  I'll never forget my first "run" & hope to do more soon!  Maybe I'll even run one sometime.  ;)

spring tree

Our neighbor's tree hangs over our side yard & it is beautiful this time of year.  Add some sunshine & blue skies & you've got the recipe for a family photo shoot!  Don't forget an extra dose of patience from the parental units.  :P  Next time, I might try for a time of day when the sun is not shining on the tree, but I'll take what I can get when I can get it.  :]