Sunday, March 1, 2009

ice cream!

My blood sugar was pretty good, so I suggested we stop for ice cream before heading back home. I still had a kid size serving of no-sugar added ice cream, but it was wonderful! Finn & Kenton shared bubblegum ice cream in a waffle cone! Lucky ducks!

We got to see a bunch of sea lions hanging out across the street from the ice cream parlor.

What a big day! We all had such a great time. Everything went smoothly & Finn was such a super star. It was so nice to go out & do something out of our normal, lazy routine. We loved being able to experience the coast through the eyes of our boy. Plus, we were amazed over & over again with how well he handled such a busy day & two long car rides. What a kid!

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Carolyn Williams said...

Fun stuff! Great pictures, I'm going to steal some of them. :)

I'm glad we were able to make this work for all of us!