Monday, November 16, 2009

3 year portraits

We braved the JC Penney portrait studio once more, despite how chaotic it has felt in the past. Unfortunately, we came away feeling frustrated once again...but amazingly enough, we got some nice photos. Kenton says we're never paying someone to take our annual photos again...we'll see. It's nice to have them done & I'm glad it's over. :)

Big 3 year old Finley

Favorite blanket

Our family
Cedar chewed on his sleeve for most of the photos. :)

Sitting up...with a little help from the crate.

They love each other!

Not sure where he gets that devilish smile from. ;)

Everyone look at Cedar!

I just noticed that one pant leg is rolled & one is not...oh, well!

Blue eyes!

6 months old!

We ordered this family shot for our wall.


Super Cedar!
This could be his superhero name - Superseder! Maybe someone more clever than I can come up with what his superpowers might be?? Always taking the place of...I don't know. This is a silly joke! :P

We ordered this one too! Our boys!

Sweet Finn

Another favorite blanket.

Not too bad for Finn deciding he was done with being at the mall 5 minutes into our 30 minute wait (because they were so behind schedule). :\


Angela said...

Great photos! And great family!!! :)

Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton said...

Wow! Your boys are growing up so fast. Finley looks so tall! We miss you.