Saturday, October 9, 2010

preschool open house

On Thursday, October 7th, we got to attend the Grace Community Preschool Open House! :)

Finn was very excited to show off his spot at the table & his crayon box. :)

He's working hard on his cutting skills!

Cedar spent a very LONG time emptying & refilling Finn's pencil box. He colored a bit too, but was mostly interested in transporting the crayons back & forth. :P

Finn showed Dad his favorite books too!

Finley & his teacher, Miss Debby.

He is having a great time at preschool & is so lucky to get to be in class with his cousin, Griffin. He's getting to know new kids, too! So cool! Today, Kenton asked me the name of "my really cool teacher" from OSU. After I responded, Finn said, "My really cool teacher was Miss Debby!" We love Grace Community Preschool & Miss Debby! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love Finn's expression on the first photo. --Mummi