Friday, October 7, 2011

shot gun creek & happy hour

 During our time off work, we planned a visit to Shot Gun Creek with my parents, the Chase kids (while their parents worked), the Ruddicks & Erik!  Erik had the week off & was spending some time in Eugene.

 We were there on a Monday, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

 Sadie & Tate

 Kenton & Finn, down in the creek.

 Trying to plug up the dam!  :P

 Yay for vacation!

 Group shot!

 All the cousins, oldest to youngest.  
Finn is the only one making a goofy face; go figure!

 That evening, we recruited our husbands' parents for child care & all had a child-less evening out with my parents for happy hour at El Torito.  My dad requested a happy hour out with his adult children for Father's day.  It took us until the middle of August to make it happen, but we did it!

 Kenton, Erik, Josh & Gretchen

Erik, Josh, Gretchen, Aaron & Becca
 Katrina, Kenton & Erik

 Happy Father's Day, Papa!  ;)

On Tuesday, Erik & my dad rode bikes to our house to visit with Kenton, while I took the boys to a Mom's of Grace barbeque.  They biked over to Hawaiian Time for lunch & a card game before heading back home.  Just wanted to include this cute picture of the guys & their bikes.  ;)

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