Sunday, April 1, 2012

dinosaur park

 On Sunday (3/25), Marylee & Lew took us to Dinosaur ParkWe had visited before, when we were in Ogden in August of 2010 & it was a hit!  So we wanted to take Cedar, now that he was 18 months older.

 Most of the dinosaur statues had speakers near them, playing sounds of roaring & screaming dinosaurs.  Cedar was actually pretty nervous when we first arrived.  :)

 You can tell Cedar is looking cautiously towards the roaring T-Rex!

 He loosened up pretty quickly & got into the fun of the long as Dad or Mama were not too far away.  ;)

 Ahhhh!  Scary dino!

 It is so pretty in Ogden!  I love how the city sits at the base of the mountains.  Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by huge mountains!

 We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy before playing on the playground.

 Finn was so excited that he got to have a root beer all to himself!  :P

 Riding the dino!

Poor baby triceratops.  :(

Cedar wanted a turn!

Finley & Mama
Doesn't he look handsome?

Mama & Cedar.  Cute boy.

The boys really wanted me to take their picture in the Flintstones display...though I'm certain they've never even heard of the Flintstones.  :P

"World's Most Dangerous Creature(s)!"

This one cracks me up.  At first glance, I think Cedar really looks like his older cousin, Sadie.  He smiles when he sees this picture too & says "I'm a gruirrel (girl)."  :P

Finley in front of the silly dinosaur (age 5).  You can see how much he's grown since our last visit if you compare the picture below.

Finley in front of the silly dinosaur (age 3 1/2).

Cedar's growing too!  What a fun age!

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