Thursday, May 3, 2012

grace community preschool spring sing

 On Tuesday, April 10th, Finley's preschool put on their annual Spring Sing.  

 It is so amazing to see the different between the three classes/age groups (ages 3, 4, & 5).
The 5 year olds seemed so big & Finley was very clearly the tallest in his class!  

 Xavier, Cousin Griffin, Tayden, Gaby, Hailey

 Tayden, Gaby, Hailey, Finn, Ethan, Victoria, Macy & Bailey.
These kids did such a great job.  So great to hear them singing out!

 Finley's wonderful teacher, Miss Janelle.

 And of course, Finley had a fan club!
Jesse, Finley, Carolyn, Mama & Alma

Jacque (Stu was there too!), Cedar & Dad.
We also had all of our families in attendance!  What a loved boy.  :)  Cedar will be attending GCP in the fall & we can't wait to see him up on stage next year!

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