Saturday, April 12, 2014

color me rad eugene 2014

 I roped a couple of friends into doing the Color Me Rad 5K with me!  I've never done a "run" before & this one is a perfect one to start with!  Carolyn & I ended up walking most of it & Stephanie ran ahead to keep warm.  :P  It started out pretty chilly, but we warmed up soon enough.


 Warming up with some Zumba.

 Kenton, Jesse & the kids were waiting for us at the finish line, armed with color bombs!

 Apparently, I like to throw my arms in the air to show my excitement.  It seems like a theme throughout these photos.  :P

 Finn got Carolyn in the face!

 We came back around to give them another chance to cover us in the powdery paint.

 Alma wanted to see what was happening.

 I made sure to dress the boys in clothes that they could get messy in.  :)

 Off to the finish!  Finn & Cedar ran the last stretch with us.

 Love the orange haze.

That's me, with my arms in the air again.  You can see Cedar between the two women behind me.  :P

So fun.

Jesse got this fun photo for me.  :)

So glad that Carolyn & I got to do this together.  I'll never forget my first "run" & hope to do more soon!  Maybe I'll even run one sometime.  ;)

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