Tuesday, December 23, 2014

maui: pacific whale foundation cruise

There's a bit of a gap in pictures, after spending a couple days dealing with a very itchy boy. Finn had a contact dermatitis reaction of some sort that resulted in a middle of the night ER trip, a clinic visit the next day, a huge assortment of topical medications (the didn't work!), & a final Prednisone prescription that finally did the trick! Phew! We tried to venture out to see sights & eat out, but our trips were often cut short by a very uncomfortable & distraught boy. Poor guy (again!)! :[

On our second day, we took a whale watching trip with the Pacific Whale Foundation. They have a 97% success rate of finding whales!

 Waiting "patiently" to board the boat.

 Here comes our boat!

 Yay! We're on our way!

 The Lahaina wharf.

 "There she blows!"

 A dolphin fin & a whale fin in the same photo! I actually didn't notice the dolphin when I was taking the photo. It was a fun surprise when I got home & checked it out on the computer! :P

 The Humpback's humpback.

And the whale tale signals that the whale is diving down & won't resurface for a few minutes. We saw at least 5 whales in all & spotted many more whale spouts while out of the boat. So fun!

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