Monday, October 22, 2007

Autumn on W Irwin Way

It's fall on West Irwin Way. There are some really pretty trees on our street. I've been wanting to take pictures of the leaves for awhile. Since we had such a beautiful day today, we went for a walk after dinner. It was still pretty warm out. And there was just enough light to get some good autumn photos. Earlier in the day, I planted some tulip & daffodil bulbs around our new tree (while Finn napped for 2 hours & 15 minutes - such a good napper!) courtesy of my mom. I am loving the fall colors, but am looking forward to next spring, to see all of our new plants in bloom...or at least with new leaves.

Daddy & Finn.

Everyone says that Finn looks like Kenton. There's certainly some resemblance...but there's some Mama mixed in there too, if I do say so myself. :)

Finn & Mama.

He really is getting so big. He wears 12-18 month clothes already because he's so long. I'm really curious to see how much he's grown since the last time we went to his doctor. His 12 month appointment is on November 7th - cousin Cohen's 2nd birthday!

The highlight of our walk for Finn was the kitty that followed us around. It even sounded like Finn tried to Meow! :) He definitely was disappointed when the kitty went away.


Jesse said...

I'm so jealous! Autmn in Eugene is so awesome. Those pictures are really great. I really like the leaf picture!

Carolyn and I found the head-to-head part of Wesnoth. Now we have all the fun of bickering and name-calling back that we used to enjoy so much with Heroscape :)

It's starting to cool down here too, although yesterday it was like 80 degrees. That's a bit rediculous for the end of October in my mind.

Anyway, cool post!!


Carolyn said...

Yeah, I don't like the head-to-head westnoth, but I'm addicted to playing it by myself. We should have brought two computers. Darn.

I too miss Eugene and you guys. I really like that picture of Finn and his daddy. His smile is great! Keep your eyes on your mailbox for another good picture...


Gretchen said...

What pretty leaves! I love all the colors.

Griffin had fun with Finn in the nursery today (: They're getting to be such good little playmates!