Sunday, October 7, 2007

Planting New Shrubs & Trees

We finished planting all of our newly adopted trees and shrubs today. Now I get to watch them grow! I can't wait. :)

#1. Our front yard before planting the tree in the middle and the shrubs in the corner bed.
#2 Backyard bed with only 2 Hydrangeas.
#3 Our corner bed in the front yard with a Dahlia, 2 Mums & 2 Asters.

#1. Our new tree, looking from the corner bed.
#2. Our corner bed with the new Japanese snowball (the red one), Heather & 2 Azaleas.
#3. The backyard bed with 2 new Rhododendrons & 3 new Azaleas.


Jesse said...

Sweet Tree, dude!

Jesse said...

Oh yea, do you guys watch House, MD? We just started, man is it good! You should watch!

mom said...

Your yard looks great! I like the before&after shots! and so cool that you got a nice day yesterday for planting-would you like some bulbs to plant around your new tree?