Tuesday, May 4, 2010

after the party

After the party (& after Cedar's nap), we loaded their kids in their big kid seats & picked up some dinner. Finn has been moved into a booster & Cedar graduated into Finn's front facing car seat. Both kids have enjoyed their new perspectives. :)

On Sunday, Cedar got a chance to check out his awesome sand box from his great grandparents, Nana Lee & Papa Lew. Finn has been playing in it (nearly) non-stop since we set it up. So it was only fair for Cedar to get a chance to play in his toy! :)

I was very impressed because Cedar didn't try to eat the sand at all! He played for a long time & only had to be done after his older brother dumped sand in his hair & I decided a bath was in order. Otherwise, they played really well together & had so much fun! Thanks for the great gift, Marylee & Lew. It's perfect!

And a few pictures to show the growth in the garden: green beans!

Carrots at 3 stages.

Broccoli at 2 stages.

Butter crunch lettuce & Rouge d'hiver Romaine at 3 stages, I think.

Everything's growing nicely & we're feeling encouraged by all that's been popping up in the last few weeks! So exciting!

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