Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas morning!

 This year, I decided to make fabric gift bags for our Christmas gifts.

 They ended up making gift wrapping so much easier & the clean up was a breeze!

 Not to mention, I think they're cute!

 I had to quiz Kenton on what size gift bags he needed me to make for the gifts he was giving me.  

Me: "Does it need to be bigger or smaller than a bread box?"  Him: "What is a bread box anyway?!"  

(Funny side note: I receive a bread box from my parents for Christmas!)  :P

 Cedar woke up first & was pretty ambivalent about the day.

 Finn came running out of his room as soon as he woke up, so excited to see what Santa had brought!  He was pretty fun to watch.  :)

 Ready for Christmas!

 Cool remote control car for Finn!

I also made their jammie shirts using iron-on numbers that represent their ages.  :)

 New clothes for Mama.

 Finn was a bit easier to photograph during gift opening.  All of the photos I got of Cedar were a big blur.  :P

 Finn got a creepy bug maker from Santa!

When I asked him how Santa knew he wanted this gift, he responded "I told him on Papa's phone!"  My Uncle Eugene plays Santa during the holidays & our kids got to tell him what they wanted for Christmas using FaceTime.  Pretty lucky kids!

 New game for Dad!

Finley was very excited to let Dad open his new games.  He helped pick them out & is often the one begging to play games with Kenton.  Two peas in a pod!  :)


Merry Christmas & happy birthday, Jesus!  
We give Him thanks for all that we have & been given.  Family, love, peace & most importantly, forgiveness.

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