Sunday, March 18, 2012

welcome bridget

 On Tuesday, February 14th, Bridget Emiline Thaxter was born!  

Our friends, Frank & Katie, are the proud parents & were so sweet to let all the ladies from our Bible study group come to visit just two days later.

Stephanie made the sweet hat.  The Thaxters waited to find out the sex of their baby until the birth, so Stephanie added a flower after Bridget was born.  :)

 I took a long turn holding Bridget & got lots of sweet expressions on camera.

 She was wide awake during our visit!  It was so fun to see her looking around, taking it all in.  :)

 Amy & Bridget
Stephanie & Malia were there too, but I didn't get any photos of them.  :\

Thank you Frank & Katie for letting us visit & hold your sweet daughter!  She's so precious!

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