Saturday, February 23, 2013


 The teachers & kids in my classroom dress up every year for a Harvest party.  
We have a good time!

 I didn't take a lot of photos on this night.  I took some more with my phone, but I mostly tried to keep up with the kids!

We went around our neighborhood with our neighbors, Prescott & Stephanie.

Then we made the rounds to the grandparents & some friends who live near the grandparents.  ;)  Halloween is kind of a whirlwind & I try to have a good attitude.  It's super fun for the kids, but tends to leave this Mama a little worn out.  :P

The cousins!
Cedar, Griffin, Cohen, Tate, Tyler, Ronan, Finley & Sadie

The day/evening in Instagram:

Bumblebee me & Minnie Mouse Jacque

Kenton dressed up as Walter White from Breaking Bad

Finley, the wraith.

 Kenton switched out of his Haz Mat suit so that he & Aaron could be matching "Heisenbergs" from the same show.  ;)  Not bad.

 At Mummi & Pappa's house, the boys took turns trying on Pappa's Hulk Mask.

 Power Ranger/Hulk Cedar!

Wraith/Hulk Finley!

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