Saturday, February 23, 2013

pumpkin carving

 Another tradition: carving pumpkins with our Bible study group.  Once October hits, it seems like we have lots of traditions!

Finn drew his jack-o-lantern's face & carved it with minimal help!  So great!

 Kenton took the camera & got a shot of me carving mine...

 ...followed by a series of random poses with the kids.  Not too sure about letting Kenton have the camera ever again! ;)

 The boys really wanted to wear their ninja costumes on this night.  They can't wait for Halloween!

 Sweet Matthew watched the action from the pack-n-play.  ;)

 Our family of jack-o-lanterns.  Cedar drew his little face too (the little one on the right)!

 The whole group!

 Most of the kids!

Can't forget the babies!
Monika, Emmett, Stephanie & Matthew.

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Jacque said...

The Kenton pictures made me laugh out loud ;) Yay for blog updates!!