Monday, April 27, 2015

dinner with friends

 We've been doing weekly dinners with the Williamses & Gosses for several years now, adding kiddos to the mix along the way. I never take photos when we're together & I don't want these days to slip by any quicker than they already have. Tonight was a beautiful, warm & sunny spring evening. We ate dinner in the Williamses back yard, after some of the kids ran around in the sprinkler...some more clothed than others. :] We enjoyed leftover birthday cupcakes for dessert. ;)

Cedar & Alma



Jacque & Edison

Stu, Alma & Carolyn

Jesse & Harriet

Kenton, Finley & I were all present as well...just didn't make the cut. ;)

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Jacque said...

I am super glad we have this little tradition *almost* every week. ;) It so nice to get together with good friends and have good food!