Monday, May 4, 2015

sacramento to parkfield

 When we received the invitation to Nathan & Katia's wedding, we knew we needed to be there, but we weren't sure about bringing the kids along. Once the grandparents agreed to keep the kids, all the pieces started to come together. We rented a car & drove to Sacramento to spend the night & break up the drive. We stayed in the Citizen Hotel & highly enjoyed our stay! We walked around downtown Sacramento & found delicious coffee at Temple Coffee & wonderful meals at Cafeteria 15L & Grange.

We drove the rest of the way to Parkfield on Friday afternoon. Google decided we needed some adventure & directed us on a windy path through the beautiful California mountains that seemed kinda sketchy until we got to a point in the road where the pavement ended. Then it was super sketchy & I didn't relax until we made it back to pavement & Parkfield came into view. :] Thanks Google.

We made it to Parkfield just in time for a delicious pork dinner. We walked up as Nathan was chopping up the roasted pig! The whole venue was rustic & decorated with unique antiques. I loved walking around & taking it all in.

 We stayed in the Inn, but many people were camping in tents & campers.

 You better believe games were played. ;)

 Just down the road. The actual fault line. Kinda eerie.

 The creek runs along the fault. :\

Parkfield, California. Population 18.

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