Sunday, August 30, 2015

small group at the park

 I had fun playing with my camera this evening, as our small group played at the playground. I don't take my camera with me as often as I should, but was feeling like I should take pictures of these great friends we've made. ;) We've met *almost* weekly with our Bible study group from church for nearly 11 years! Sometimes it's the most routine events that are the least photographed. That's definitely the case here. I'm glad I did bring my camera, cause the sky was pretty dramatic & the lighting was fun! Also, there are way more photos of Elsa, since I was mostly following her to keep an eye on her. ;) And I didn't get a good photo of everyone, but that's how it goes... :]

 I heard Macey tell another girl at the playground Elsa's name. The girl was clearly impressed & Macey responded "Yup! That's why she's wearing an Elsa shirt." It was sweet. :) We get a lot of impressed reactions from little girls when they find out Elsa's name, since the movie "Frozen" is so very popular. :P


 Eli, Finley, Cedar & Ethan
 We all brought our own picnic dinners.


 I think she was inspired. ;)

 Ominous clouds, but the sun stayed out.

 Tired Cedar.

 Super Emmett!

 How many boys does it take to take Matt down...or some version of the game. :P



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