Saturday, August 29, 2015

the goss' going away party under the pergola

These really should be divided into two separate posts, but my after pictures are mostly from the first party under the pergola, so a combo post this shall be...

Nothing like hosting a backyard party (that includes many people who've never been to our home) to light a fire under our booties to tackle a project that's been on our to do list for a long time. Our back patio has always been kind of blah & over the years we've dreamed of different ways to make a stronger impact. Last year, our friend Jesse hooked us up with some free, reclaimed wood from a building that had been torn down. We've been holding onto it, planning different ways to use it in the backyard. Our summer break & the Goss' upcoming party made the perfect timing to make something happen.

 Patio before:

Kenton planned it out over the course of about a week & was able to have everything in place to assemble the frame in one afternoon, with the help of Brian, Aaron & Kevin.

Two hours before the party started, Kenton was screwing the top boards in place to finish the pergola! Phew! I was amazed it came together in time & super impressed with the final product. 

Let the party begin!
 We had plenty of food contributed from friends & family! The party was from 5:30-7:30 pm, so I was relieved that people could get their fill of delicious treats.

 I quizzed my friend Jincy (who throws an amazing wine & cheese party) to find out how to put together a tasty meat & cheese platter. We had more than we needed, but Kenton & I polished off the leftovers later. ;)

A couple of pergola after photos:

We wished we were throwing a stay-here party instead of a going away party. :( I offered to throw another party if they decided to stay! Almost worked... ;)

It's gonna be sad to not see some of my favorite people everyday at work. And to not get together for weekly dinners. It's going to be different, but we do look forward to vacationing in Bend more often. :] I guess I'll look on the bright side...if I must. ;) We'll miss you terribly, Stu, Jacque & Edison!!!


Jacque said...

This post made me sad. And then happy that we have such amazing friends. And then sad again we are leaving them. It's going to be really weird. But we will visit often! And you will too!! You have to! ;-)

Katrina Henry said...

I know what you mean. The pictures make me happy, but I teared up as I wrote the words. I'm mostly sad. ;P