Monday, July 27, 2009

the boys

Cedar at 10 weeks - sweet smile. :)

On July 10th, we watched Ronan & Griffin so that Josh & Gretchen could go on a date for their 10th anniversary.

Those boys had a great time! Finn & Ronan started the night with a little light saber action!

Dinner time

We spent most of the time playing outside. Kenton kept all 3 busy with swords of all sorts + some paper airplanes.

Cedar & I spent some time laying on a blanket. This is a funny angle - I was on my back with Cedar resting on my shins. I love to see his sweet expressions.

Don't forget a little bit of tree climbing!

What a good time we all had with the Ruddick boys!

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Samantha said...

That first picture of Cedar was such a cute smile! And I love that Finn is climbing trees, so fun to let kids be kids.