Monday, July 27, 2009

happy birthday sadie!

We celebrated Sadie's 6th birthday on July 18th! She had a fun craft station set up & Finn chose to paint a little plastic snake (actually a snail) light-catcher thing. :) He did a great job & didn't want to be done...but there was more fun to be had!

Sadie, the birthday girl, painting so very carefully.

Ronan was pro at climbing the cherry tree...I supposed it used to be his tree (the Chases bought the Ruddicks old house).

A pinata!

All the kids got a turn taking a shot at the pinata.

Waiting patiently with candy bags in hand.

Score! With a little help from Aaron, the candy was scattered. :)

Sadie & Cedar

With Papa & Memaw

11 weeks old!

Big cousin Tyler is always excited to hold Cedar. He's usually the first one to ask for him once he wakes up. :) He does really well with Cedar too & is always able to get some sweet smiles.

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