Thursday, April 28, 2011

coloring eggs

Saturday afternoon, my cousin Dan, his wife Brooke & their daughters Kara & Summer came down from Portland to celebrate Easter. We started by coloring eggs!

Finley & Griffin
(Notice Finn's new, green cast! Long story, short: he got the blue one off, they took an x-ray, decided it needed more healing, he got a green cast. I'm sure I'll share more later, if needed.) :\

Memaw calmly helped Cedar. She handled the potential messes better than I did! :P

He wasn't content just coloring the table cloth. He wanted to dye eggs like everyone else!

Finn stuck with it from the first to the last egg. He really enjoyed the process. :) I hope to enjoy it again, someday. ;) I'm mostly just is a lot less stressful when I'm not worrying about eggs cracking & dye spilling. But I'm sure when I look back in the years to come, I'll realize these were the good years, right?? That's what I hear. ;)

Looking for more eggs!

Gretchen & Tate

While we waited for the eggs to dry, my parents put on an empty plastic egg hunt for the 1-2 year-olds. Cedar got the hang of it, with a lot of help from older cousins. :)

Kara & Summer were running for the eggs!

Kara & Summer

Cedar's cheering squad/coaching team. :P

Cedar, Summer & Kara
Cedar is about 9 months younger than the girls, but he's just about the same size as them. He happens to be closer to my camera, making him look like he towers over them...but he's close to the same height. Probably heavier though. :P

I love the look on the girls' faces. What is he doing?? I'm pretty sure they were happy to clean those up for him. ;)

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