Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter morning

Our Easter Bunny brought some much needed socks & Easter shirts for the boys! As well as some fun art supplies & treats. :)

What a good sport!

Finn noticed the hidden eggs right away, but he was patient & waited for Cedar before going after them. :)

Using all sorts of maneuvers to find the eggs! ;)

More eggs!

Checking out what's inside...

Mmmm...nothing like Easter candy, first thing in the morning!

Great work, boys! :P

After the egg hunt, we ate breakfast & opened the Resurrection Eggs that Finley received from our church last year. There are 3 eggs & each egg holds several small objects that represent portions of the Biblical Easter Story. It was a little lengthy to go through each egg (for young kids), but Finn really enjoyed checking out each little object & in the end he told me "That was a cool story!" He knew parts already & was excited to hear it all again...especially when it involves tiny objects to play with. :)

I'm excited to make Resurrection Eggs a part of our yearly Easter Celebration, to teach our boys the real reason we celebrate Easter - Jesus rose from the grave!


A few photos before heading to church...

Family photo, self timer...always "fun". :P

Another one for good measure...
Now off to church!

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Gretchen Ruddick said...

Great pictures of your adorable boys! I love their sweet faces in the "brothers" pictures. (: