Thursday, April 28, 2011

photo shoot at church

Everyone arrived at the church early enough to get some family photos before the service. We took some after church too...cause you always need more photos...right?? ;)

The Ruddick boys in their ties. Tate's is part of his onesie. :)
Griffin, Tate & Ronan

Our family

Dan, Kara, Summer & Brooke Murphy-Hecht

The Ruddick family

The Chase family

Another family shot...cause the first one didn't show our (my) Easter clothes.
(I know I'm ridiculous. :P)

Sadie & Summer in matching dresses.

Kara matched too, but wasn't up for a group photo. :P

The Murphy-Hechts with Memaw & Papa

And one of the sisters...we missed you, Erik!

I really enjoyed our Pastor's sermon & was thoroughly impressed that he didn't use any notes! It was a beautiful message of how Jesus bridges the gap between us & God (using a beautiful wooden bridge made just for the sermon).

I am so thankful for the peace I have in knowing that Jesus died so that all may be forgiven. But the reason we celebrate is that He is bigger than death & he came back to life. His life served as an example of how we should live & his death & resurrection make up for the fact that we could never live up to his example...he paid the consequence for our sins & gives us forgiveness & hope! Happy Easter!

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Gretchen Ruddick said...

Amen! ...and great photos, of course (: