Wednesday, November 6, 2013

and now he is seven

 Waking before the sun rises means using flash photography.  :\

 But it also means we get to start the birthday celebrations early!  Finley turned 7 years old today!

 Fun cereal for breakfast!

 We let Finn open some of his presents before he went to school.

 A lamp that clips to his top bunk, so he can read at night.

 A Minecraft hoodie.

 Seven?!  Such a big kid.

 Kenton & I went to eat lunch with Finn at school.  He likes to sit at the peanut butter table with his cousins.  They're all in different classes, but if they bring peanut butter, then they can sit together.

 Lunch was super quick & we barely had time to chat with the birthday boy.

 But we enjoyed seeing how things go at lunch & helping him get hot lunch for the first time.  :)

When we left, Kenton & I laughed about how it seemed like we weren't as exciting to Finley as we thought we would be.  :P  But later that night, he asked why we didn't stay longer & told us that he liked having us there SO much!  Warmed our hearts.  :)

 After school!  Handsome boy.

 The cousins love visiting together at Memaw & Papa's house after school.

 Dinner time!  Elsa is reclining in the high chair.  :P

 Seven years old & he lost his 6th tooth at school today!

 Dinner request: sloppy joes & carrots "the way Mummi makes them".  I think that means cooked with basil.  He said they were delicious, so I must've gotten close.

 After dinner, we let Finn open some more gifts & Mummi & Pappa brought a gift for him to open.

 Seven dollar coins!

 And a new jacket from Mummi & Pappa!

 Mohawk helmet from us!

 What a dude!

 Cedar taking a turn with Elsa.

 We finished off the night with a surprise trip to play mini-golf!

 It was a first for our boys.

 I actually got two "hole-in-ones" even though I was wearing Elsa the whole time.

 Cuddled up to Mama.

 All done!  What an awesome day!

We sure love you Finley!  What a joy it is to be your parents!

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