Friday, November 1, 2013

happy halloween

 I love this photo.  It just feels like an instant classic!  

 It was drizzly last night but not too cold.  Elsa stayed warm, cuddled up to Mama in the Ergo carrier.

We walked from our house to Mummi & Pappa's house, trick or treating along the way.  It worked out really well; it's so fun to live so close to Kenton's parents.

 Our vampire, Finley (almost 7!)

 Our knight, Cedar (almost 4 1/2)

We've been driving by this house all month & enjoying it's spooky decorations!

 Finley watched this spider fall down on the group of trick or treaters in front of us, so he was ready for it!

 He still jumped pretty high when it finally dropped on him!  ;)

 Great decorations!  So fun!

 More fun decorations!

 It was pretty dark by the time we made it to Mummi & Pappa's house.

 They gave the boys special flashlights that were super helpful for the dark walk back home.

 After walking our neighborhood, we drove to my parents' house to meet up with the aunts, uncles & cousins.

 Cedar, Griffin (special forces soldier), Sadie (nerd), Ronan (soccer player), Finley, Tyler (his own Minecraft character), Elsa (not really in costumer...maybe glamour girl??) :P, Cohen (soccer player), & Tate (alligator)

 Elsa & Sadie
Elsa was a little grumpy, but after nursing for a bit, she cheered up before falling asleep in Aunt Gretchen's arms.

 Getting some special treatment from Papa.  Elsa got her first cold & I wanted him to listen to her lungs to make sure she was doing okay.  She's lost her voice & can't really cry out right now, but she's doing just fine according to Papa.  :)

We had a great night, ate too much candy, got some exercise, & enjoyed ourselves overall.  

Happy Halloween!

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