Saturday, November 2, 2013

four and a half

 We gave Cedar a few gifts yesterday morning in honor of his half birthday!

 The traditional half birthday gift: socks!  He also got a new lego!

I knew Cedar would like these fake mustaches!

 I didn't anticipate his idea to put one on Elsa.  This was too funny.  She even wrinkled up her face & twitched her mustache a bit.  She looks like a baby Ron Swanson!  :P

Some photos from my phone:

 Smiles for her big brothers!

Smiles for Dad after sleeping all night!  Way to go, Elsa!

Finley & Cedar were out of school, so I took all three on a walk/ride to Grocery Outlet to buy ice cream (to go with the apple crisp I'd made!).

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Brittany said...

Hooray! The new baby is here! She's a doll. Congrats, Henry fam.