Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 Thursday, August 11th marked the graduation of my 4th class of kids at the Early Education Program.  I brought my boys to the classroom while we got ready for the graduation party & we found some fun things to keep us busy!  Kenton came to pick them up before it started because Finley had a performance for our church's Vacation Bible School that same night.  This was the first time I had to miss a performance of his, but Kenton took some videos for me.  :)

Blowing bubbles...

 ...& playing on the playground.  Gotta love Cedar's crazy, slide static hair! :P

 Georgia, the director of our program, dressed up as Twiggle, a character from the curriculum we use to teach about feelings.  :P  The kids LOVE having Twiggle at their special events!

 Goodbye hugs for Stu.

 Goodbye hugs for Jacque.

We have such cute kids but, as always, due to confidentiality, I have to keep their photos to myself.  ;)

Our wonderful teaching team!
Becca, Jacque, Stu, Angie M, Angie T, & me
(Just missing Tina, who worked with us over the summer.)

I know I look like I'm towering over everyone.  I just happen to work with a bunch of shorties.  :P  And I'm wearing heels, so that doesn't help.  To be fair, Stu is actually taller than me.  ;)  (Just had to leave a disclaimer, so that no one is confused by the Amazon woman standing next to Angie!)

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