Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 On Wednesday, August 10th, Kenton & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!  We helped the kids eat a quick picnic dinner before dropping them off at Memaw's house, so that we could go on a date.

 Sneaking in some cuddles, in between bites.  :)

 My mom gave me a passion flower blossom from the plants that we used as decoration at our wedding, 9 years ago.  Still going strong!  I wore it behind my ear, until I realized ants were crawling all over it & on me!  :\   It sure is pretty though!

 We placed an order at a Thai food cart & while our food was being made, we walked to Sweet Life & picked up some desserts, to go.

 So many delicious choices!

 Walking back to pick up our dinners.

 Then we drove to the Owen Rose Garden for a picnic date.
 Kenton always chooses Pad Thai when we eat Thai food.  And neither of us can resist the Thai Iced Tea!  So good!

 I can't remember the name of my dish, but it was some sort of chicken & vegetable coconut curry.  Yum yum!

 Chocolate chip cookie Sandwich & Coconut Cream Pie!  We couldn't finish anything that we ordered, but we were full & happy!  ;)

 Enjoying the Summer weather with my best friend.

Lovely place for a picnic.

Thanks to Memaw for giving us a child-free evening!  

Thanks to Kenton for 9 amazing, quiet, adventurous, peaceful, lovely, busy, exciting, crazy, happy, loud, funny, loving years.  I wouldn't want to face this world without you by my side.  I am so thankful for the two wonderful creatures we are attempting to civilize & doubly thankful that we're in it together!  I love you!

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