Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 On Wednesday, August 3rd, Kenton turned 30!  He did not have nearly as much difficulty adjusting to this new decade as I did.  :P

 As usual, we couldn't wait to give Kenton (Dad) his gifts, so we let him open them before work!  I didn't remember to get gift wrap & tape, so I improvised with fabric.  (I'd love to make some reusable, fabric gift wrap like these, but I'll have to tackle that project another time!)  ;)

 Excited boys with the birthday Dad!

 A new game "from" Finley!

 A bike helmet "from" Cedar.

 And bike paniers from me!  ;)


 On Friday evening, we did some more celebrating with dinner, dessert & games & invited family & friends to join us!  I also enlisted help from our parents to bring the meal together: lasagna, garlic bread, salads & chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

 We grouped our tables together & made a make-shift table out of saw horses & an old door so that we could all sit together.  :)

 Playing before dinner...

 Gretchen & Malia with their sweet babies, Genevieve & Tate.  :)

 Kevin, Kenton & Brian.

 One half of the table.

Frank, Katie, Justin & Malia.


 Time for gifts!  Kenton's parents got him a pulaski.  A sign that Kenton is growing up: tools are exciting to receive as a gift!  ;)

 Family & friends.

 Cool money bag from the Bank of Alaska from my parents.  Not sure how they got their hands on one of those...  ;)

 A sign that Kenton will always be a boy at heart: Legos are exciting to receive as a gift!  ;)  Kenton wasn't the only one excited about new Legos! 

 Never a shortage of little helpers.  :)

The only thing Kenton asked to do for his 30th birthday was play board games with family & friends.  I was happy that he got what he wanted!  After opening gifts, Kenton brought out Wits & Wagers & got a game going.

Ronan, Griffin & Sadie were able to team up with grown ups & play along.  We also had a game of Kids of Carcassonne going with Cedar & Ava & video games going inside for the rest of the kids.  After it got dark, we moved inside where some more game playing took place!  I think it was a good night for Kenton.  He seemed quite pleased to be playing games all evening with his favorite people!  Thanks to all who helped make Kenton's 30th birthday a special one!  :)

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