Monday, July 9, 2012

cedar's birthday party

 On Saturday, May 5th, we hosted a Cinco de Mayo, potluck style, birthday celebration for Cedar!

 Cute photo of our neighbor, Prescott.  :)

 We are so blessed to have so many people around who love our kid(s).

 Cake time!

I tried to make a really tall cake to feed everyone, but I also did a small sheet cake just in case.

 He's a pro by now!

 Almost knocked me & the cake over, but I managed to stay balanced.  :P

 Carolyn, Gretchen & Alma (4 months old!)

 I whipped up a quick happy birthday banner with some of Cedar's past portraits.  I added a few Busytown Mysteries pictures but that was pretty much the extent of the "theme" decorations.  :P

 Time for presents.

 Kenton took a turn this year with helped the birthday boy open his gifts.

 As you can tell by Cedar's face, opening this many gifts in front of this many people can be a bit overwhelming...but oh, so fun!  :)

 Cool t-ball set!

 Hulk hands!

Checking out the gifts again after the party was over & the guests had gone home.  What fun!  We sure appreciate the love & friendship all of our friends & family have given to Cedar.  He's a pretty great kid & we're glad there are many others who agree.  :)

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Carlene Boley said...

Cedar sure had a lot of visitors! He looks very happy on his special day. Did you cook up any theme for his birthday? Well, in any case, I think he enjoyed it, regardless of whether or not there was a theme! The cake looks especially tasty!