Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 On Saturday, June 9th, we met up with the Chases at OMSI for a quick visit before heading to our cousin, Hannah's, graduation party.

 This was the first time to OMSI for Kenton, Finley & Cedar!

 I hadn't been for many, many years...maybe not since 8th grade??

 Testing their grip strength!

 All the organs in the human body.

 Cohen might be cheating a bit during those wall sits.  ;)

 Cedar was a good sport, but he was getting a little tired of the older kid exhibits.

 Luckily there was an area just for kids his age!

 Checking out the store.

 Another room to explore!  OMSI is SO big!

 Shooting a puff of fog at Finn!

 Cohen & Cedar watching balls fall through pegs.

 Brain teasers!

Electrified Finley!  It made tiny pie tins fly off of his head!

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Jacque said...

OMSI is the best!! It would be so fun to go there with kids...