Wednesday, July 18, 2012

home tours

 Aunt Nancy (Mom's sister) & Uncle Mike had not been to our house yet (or my sisters' houses), so they made a special visit down from Portland (where they were staying) to see all of our homes.

 Our home is pretty small but we love our big backyard, especially in the Summer when it's nice outside!

 Aunt Carol (another one of Mom's sisters) & Uncle Keith hadn't seen our homes either, so they made sure to get in on the quick tours.

 Sadie is always helpful in entertaining Cedar!

 Ronan got in some baseball practice with Cedar's tee ball set!

Katrina, Becca, Janice, Nancy, Carol & Gretchen

Thank you so much for making the time to visit our homes in Eugene.  It was fun to show you all around a bit!  :)

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