Monday, July 9, 2012

happy birthday cedar

 We woke Cedar up to reveal the traditional hallway decorations for his 3rd birthday!

 In true Henry fashion, we had his gifts ready to open right away.  We don't like to wait.  ;)

 Finn was excited for Cedar to open his gifts!

 He was excited to share his gifts too!  A new hula hoop!

 New summer time shoes!

 New big boy underpants!  Cedar was so close & really mastered potty training about 3 weeks later!

 Super excited to open a giant bottle of bubbles!!  :P

 Hula hooping!

Cedar had some fun choices for his birthday breakfast.  He chose dinosaur egg oatmeal!  :)


Kenton & I both worked in the morning, but after work we picked up the boys & went to play in the mall playground,

then went to Chuck E Cheese's to play games, 

, & finally went to see "The Secret World of Arrietty" at the cheap movie theater.

We had a lot of fun celebrating Cedar!  He's such a wonderful addition to our family & we are so thankful for our sweet, silly, adventurous, funny & kind boy.

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