Tuesday, May 13, 2008

18 month checkup + photos

My handsome 18 month old! He's getting so big.

One last shot with Mama.

Finn had his 18 month checkup at the doctor's today. Despite having a bit of a cold/cough, he's right on track. :) He's in the 50th percentile for weight (I think he was 26 lbs) & the 80th percentile for height (33 1/2 inches). Also, he passed the screening for Autism, so that's good too. They have a questionnaire for all parents of 18 month olds to help with early diagnosis; I was very excited to see this, since I work with children with Autism who often go undiagnosed for several years. So yay for our doctor, for doing his part! :)


Robert and Holly said...

Those are very lovley photographs of you and Finn...he's such a handsome little guy:)

Jacqueroni said...

Go Finn! What a big kid! I hope that he starts feeling better soon. It is such a bummer to have a cold and not be able to do anything about it :-(