Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day, continued

*Edited to add more pictures...scroll down. :)

One of many attempts to get a photo with my busy son. :) It's pretty cute still.

We had a very full & wonderful Mother's Day. We ended up just going to church for a little bit because Finn had the beginning symptoms of a cold. We brought him in for some singing, but didn't stay for the whole service. Long enough to see most of our "mom-friends" & to wish them a happy day. :) Then we went to my parents house (while no one was there) to try & get some photos before there was too much to distract Finn (Ha!). Cousins or no cousins, Finn will find something to keep him busy! That's my boy; I sure love him. :)

Holding tight!

Ahhh...he pauses for a flower. Sweet.

Erik surprised us all by driving down that morning & making it to my parent's house right as everyone arrived after church. He hadn't been home since Christmas, so it was good to see him!

Mama Becca with Sadie (4 1/2), Cohen (2 1/2) & Tyler (8)

Mama Gretchen with Griffin (almost 1 1/2)
& Ronan (3 1/2)

Tyler, Sadie, Ronan, Cohen, Finley, Griffin

The dads made pizzas! Yumm....

Cohen & Finn searching for bugs. They've become such good buddies, since my mom started watching them on the same days. I love how happy they are to see each other. :)

After Finn's nap, we went to Mummi & Pappa Henry's house with Nanalee & Papa Lew for bbq chicken, steak & corn on the cob: one of Finn's most favorite foods! :) Then there was strawberry shortcake (my favorite) & white cake (Outi's favorite) for dessert. So delicious! :) Finn was a super star! He even held his hand very still while Kenton used tweezers to remove 2 big splinters! He said "ow" a couple times, but didn't even flinch. I was so proud of my big kid!

The Moms: Outi, Marylee & me

Lew, Marylee, Outi, Kevin, Kenton, Katrina & Finn

Finn helped make a stepping stone for Mummi Henry

Outi & me with our garden gnomes from Marylee. So cool!

After all of the festivities, we had Stu, Jacque & Erik over to watch the Survivor Finale. A very good day, altogether. We're so thankful for our moms & that we are able to be so close to both!


Erik said...

It looks like a peed my pants in that picture!

Jacqueroni said...

It looks like you had a great mother's day! And I love the picture of you and finn all smiley. So cute!

Jesse said...

It does look like Erik peed his pants in that picture.