Sunday, May 4, 2008

first picnic of the season

After church, my family met at the Sheldon park with Subway sandwiches for a chance to enjoy the sun...and wind! :) It was pretty breezy, but that didn't get in the way of having fun!

Tyler, Cohen & Finn
8 yrs, 2 1/2 (almost), 1 1/2 (almost)

All 6 grandkids are actually in this photo
(Finn is the dark figure in the tunnel) :P

Amazingly enough, there were very few injuries. The kids all played together really least for as long as we were there. We left first to get Finn down for his nap.


Erik said...

Whoa, is it just me or does that first picture of Cohen look just like me when I was that age?

Memaw said...

YES! Erik, I agree-Cohen looks very much like you did at 2.5! And right now his favorite toy is YOUR Ghostbuster poppergun !

He and Finn are becoming good buddies and it's so cool to see all 6 together, having fun!
<3 MOM