Wednesday, May 14, 2008

light evenings

I love this time of year
when days are bright into the evenings
& the air is warm.

The flowers were so vivid
as the sun was setting.

My pansies survived the winter
despite my lack of attention to them.

The mystery mix of tulips
kept my interest until the end.
I didn't know what types I was planting last fall
but I'm not disappointed in the least.

Enjoying the evening for a moment
after Finn went down for bed.


carolyn said...

Cute! I hear you guys should be getting some hot weather this week! You'll love that! :)

Jacqueroni said...

It looks like yesterday was a perfect spring evening for you guys last night. I'm totally jealous that Kenton let's you put pictures up of him...I can't even take pictures of Stu, let alone put them on my blog!

Gretchen Ruddick said...

So sweet (: We love you guys!

Memaw said...

Awesome! And I love this time of year too...bring on the sunshine!
<3 MomJ

Angela said...

What a cute couple you make... :) Your flowers are pretty too.

And on a side note, what's up with your nice weather over there!? I can't believe we're still kinda chilly here while you've got this great warm sunshine. I'm jealous. :)