Saturday, June 27, 2009

8 weeks old

Gretchen, Ronan & Griffin met us at our local park (Emerald Park) to check out their free lunch program. It was pretty crowded, but there was plenty of food for the kids. :)

Despite both boys expressions, Griffin loves his cousin Cedar. And Cedar loves him too! :)

Cedar & Aunt Gretchen.
Not sure what Cedar is pointing at - maybe he's pointing out Aunt Gretchen's dark tan from her recent trip to St. Thomas. That might explain the slightly unhappy (jealous) expression he's making. :P

Happy Finn!
He's been getting a kick out of playing "Don't smile..." with Mama. It's pretty hard not to smile when someone tells you not to smile. ;)

The boys spent awhile digging & building in the sand. I love how these boys play without fear of getting dirty. :P They sure do play well together.

Resting with Dad after getting home from work. I tend to give Cedar to Kenton when I want Cedar to wake up. He's still a sleepy eater & will fall asleep before I think he should be done. Just handing him to Kenton will often wake him up, but not today. Guess he was just too sleepy. :)

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Kevin and I sure appreciate the updates on your blog. Finn and Cedar both look so good!--Outi