Sunday, June 28, 2009

goodbye millers

Yesterday, Jon & Amy hosted a Goodbye party for Sandy, Nicole & Addi. Lots of people came to show their love for the Millers. It was a great day for playing outside & the kids had a great time together.

Amy, Emma (9 months), Katrina, Cedar (8 weeks), Nicole & Addi (1 year)
(We all had a baby within the last year)
We pretty much just hung out & pretended that they really aren't going anywhere. :) Sandy & Nicole have been in Eugene for almost exactly 5 years & we've been friends with them for almost that whole time. We've been in a small group together for at least 4 1/2 years & have gone from a group of married people without kids to a group of married people with 6 kids!

Finn, Macey & Ethan playing in the sand box.

Cute family - Sandy, Addi & Nicole
We're going to miss them SO much!

Sweet Addi (& a cute family portrait with Sandy in the background)!
She's changed so much in the last year...I can't imagine how quickly she will change after they move away. Thank goodness for blogland! :)

Carolyn with Cedar.
Gotta include a shot of the baby. ;)

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