Sunday, June 28, 2009

"stay-cation" - day 1

Inspired by this, we decided to have a "stay-cation" (instead of a vacation) this week because Kenton is off work (& I'm only a little jealous that everyone in our extended family has been or is going on fun plane trips, over seas this June/July). ;) So on Day 1 of our stay-cation, Finn chose to go out to Ice Cream! Yumm! He got a strawberry ice cream cone!

Kenton called Uncle Brian & invited him to meet us. So, he was there...but I didn't get a good photo of him. Sorry Brian - it was fun eating ice cream with you, though! :) Cedar was there too but he didn't eat any ice cream. He just slept. Surprising, I know. :P

Finn had to choose between going to ice cream or going to the duck pond. But after finishing his ice cream he declared that he didn't want ice cream...he wanted to see the ducks. Bummer. :\ I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his pink ice cream, we'll just keep working on making choices.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures with our little Henry family!

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Jesse said...

Yay for staycations! I like that idea, I'm impressed you guys are doing it! Keep us up to date with all the fun-ness!