Thursday, June 25, 2009

father's day

On Saturday, June 20th, we hosted the Hecht family Father's Day celebration. Kenton manned the barbeque & we all enjoyed the hamburgers, hot dogs, corn & salad! Very tasty! :) I borrowed these photos from Gretchen, after a camera/computer malfunction - such a bummer to lose all my photos from this fun day! :(

Papa & Cedar

The Fathers
Kenton, Aaron, Josh & Papa

We ate outside on our new patio furniture & on blankets.

It was great to see the kids playing well together & enjoying our backyard.

The card from the grandkids.

We gave Josh & Aaron 4 packs of squirt guns & they were a hit with the kids! :P

Papa with a photo collage of his grandkids.

The daughters.
We missed having Erik in town this year.

The daughters with our kids.
Becca, Cohen, Sadie, Papa, Tyler, Cedar, Finn, Katrina, Griffin, Gretchen & Ronan

The Fathers with their kids.

Kenton with his boys - such a special Father's Day with a brand new, baby boy.

For Kenton's Father's Day, he wanted to go see UP! We decided to go for it, since Cedar continues to be pretty quiet & mellow. It ended up being really fun. Kenton & I laughed out loud, Finn sat through the whole movie with the occasional smile & Cedar snoozed & grunted a few times. He cried out at the very end, but I just cuddled him & he quieted down. :)

After the movie, Finn & Cedar napped while Kenton & I planted some shrubs in our front yard - definitely not Kenton's favorite thing to do, but it had been needing to be done for a few weeks. He was a good sport & it went really fast. Plus, it looks great! :) Kenton was rewarded for his hard work with pizza for dinner from Mezza Luna & a Blizzard to share from DQ. Yumm! It was a fun day & I think Kenton enjoyed his special day.

And here's a smile to brighten the day! What a sweetie. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great smiley photo of Cedar! Looks like the Father's Day celebration was a success. ---Outi

hechtr said...

great posts and photos! What a darling cherub face little smiling Cedar has!

Samantha said...

Looks like a fun day! We went and saw UP on Father's Day too.