Wednesday, June 17, 2009

silver falls

Today Kenton took the day off so we could go to Silver Falls with Kenton's parents, Brian, Aunt Lindy, Isaac & Genevieve.

Isaac, Genevieve, Brian & Lindy walking under the South Falls.

My little cave monsters. :)

Kevin pushing our stroller & Outi snapping photos.

Checking the map.

South Falls

Anyone know the name of this berry? Cloud berry & Salmon berry were two suggestions. I ate didn't taste ripe...but I don't know what it's supposed to taste like. :P

I thought this looked like a hobbit hidey hole.

Cool roots.

Finn on the cool roots.
(Photo by Outi)

Everything was so bright green!

Lindy, Isaac, Finn, Genevieve, Kevin, Brian, Cedar, Kenton, & Katrina
(Photo by Outi)

Self-portrait. :P

I fed Cedar a bottle during the hike

Daddy burping Cedar

Mama burping Cedar
(Photo by Outi)

I like the way the trees come together & arch over the path.

One of our first family portraits. I set this up on a picnic table with the timer & am so pleased with how it turned out. I love my family!

One more for good measure & look what we got: a smile from Cedar!
Finn's looking away, but Cedar's expression is so sweet. :)

My sweet baby boy. He did so well. Both boys did so well. We had a great time, great weather & everything looked so beautiful. After our hike, we were all starving. We drove out of our way to eat at McMenamins! So yummy. Also, Finn went to sleep tonight better than he has in a long time! He told us he was tired - I guess so. :) What a big day!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Cedar is winking in the second family portrait. Nice photos, Katrina! ---Outi