Friday, September 11, 2009

4 months old

Yesterday, Cedar had his 4 month checkup with his doctor. He weighs 15 lb 12 oz (60th %-ile) & is 26 1/2" long (90th %-ile)! His percentile in weight actually went down from 77th at 2 months, so Dr. Miller encouraged me to feed him as much as he wants. :) He also said it would be a great time to start rice cereal & so we have!

Cedar seems to enjoy his new food & is eating a little more each time we feed it to him. It's great for the grandparents who watch him while I work + big brothers like to help too! :) I love to see Cedar's reaction to solid food & am looking forward to this new phase.

He is getting so long that he has graduated out of his cradle & into his big crib. I need to take photos of Cedar in his crib because he still looks so small & it won't be long until he's filling it out more. My baby's getting bigger but he still feels small to me. It helps to have a big -almost- three year old running around. I'm trying to be better about letting Cedar have time on the floor (despite the busy Finley) & he's getting close to rolling over on his own. He'll be mobile in no time! :) Eeek!

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