Monday, September 7, 2009

california, part 3: the beach

On Sunday, August 30th, we drove to Huntington Beach with the Chases, Ruddicks & my Aunt Carol, Uncle Keith, Natasha & Wyatt. This portable dvd player was such a life saver for the whole trip - Finn is so much more willing to go for long rides in the car if a movie is involved. :)

It was about 20 degrees cooler at the beach than in Glendora. Which meant 80's instead of over 100 degrees! It felt great to us!

Finn was a little concerned about getting sandy, but that didn't last long.

Aaron & Tyler worked hard to create a great castle with a huge wall surrounding it.

Finn helped Kenton dig holes & build piles. They definitely look related in this photo. :)

Aunt Carol never turned down a chance to cuddle Cedar. She rocked him to sleep & he slept so peacefully to the sound of the ocean waves.

We always try to make it to the beach when visiting our family in California. It's so different than the Oregon coast & it's so fun to be able to actually go in the water. Natasha, Josh & Wyatt spent most of the time surfing/boogie boarding. Everyone had a really great time!

Kenton allowed himself to be buried in the sand - crazy guy!

Ronan working hard to dig a huge hole!

Tyler hanging out.

The kids all loved the sand the best. None of them really wanted to play in the water, but I think they all got a little wet. Finn even got to go out with Dad & jump in the waves!

I love this shot - so much sand on poor Finn's face. He doesn't look to pleased, but was so excited to tell everyone about his experience at the beach!

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