Wednesday, September 9, 2009

california, part 6: the pool

Thank goodness for the Barrett's pool! We were so glad to have a place to cool off during Glendora's heat wave - over 100 degrees everyday! We had a couple of night swims too, which was so super exciting for Finn!

He was getting so brave after a few swims - jumping off the diving board to Kenton or to a floating ring. He even jumped to a ring without water wings on (with Mama very close by & Aunt Becca helping when he slipped too far forward & slid out!). :\ It's great to see him gaining confidence in the water over the course of one summer.

Fun with Uncle Erik & the pool vacuum.

The "Novemberists" with their water wings & rings! So much fun!

Cedar getting in some cuddle time with Uncle Keith & Aunt Carol.

Finn slept so well every day after swimming so hard. He loves the water!

The cousins
(minus Erik, Hannah & Eleanor)
Becca, Gretchen, Katrina, Melissa, Kellie, Emily, Natasha & Wyatt

Silly faces!

The husbands/boyfriends
Shaheen (Melissa's husband), Kenton, Josh, Aaron, Steve (Kellie's boyfriend), & Ryan (Emily's boyfriend)
Silly shot!

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ChickenLover808080 said...

Is that a chicken on Kenton's shirt? :)