Sunday, September 6, 2009

california, part 1: family bbq

We just returned from a week long visit to Southern California, for my Uncle Tom's memorial (who died in June). We decided to drive overnight to take advantage of sleeping children & made it down there on Friday, August 28th at about 7:30 am - 14 hours! We made good time & felt pretty energized after only a few short rests. On Friday evening, my Aunt Carol hosted a BBQ at their house so that we could all get together & visit.

A recurring theme throughout my pictures is Cedar being held by my extended family members. He's such an easy baby & seemed to enjoy the special attention he received. :)

Uncle Truls, Great Aunt Norrine, Great Aunt Sister Roberta, Aunt Nancy & Great Aunt Judy

Here's Cedar, being held by my mom's cousin Pam. He also has been chewing on his fingers constantly.

Cedar & Uncle Mike. Such a sweet, cuddly baby.

All of the cousins were gathered for the first time in about 2 years (on this night we were missing the Chases, who arrived the next day). We always have a great time together. Pictured above: Natasha, Ronan, Josh, Elle, Emily, Lincoln with Kellie, Melissa, & Shaheen.

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