Friday, September 11, 2009

mckenzie & tiffany's wedding

A 1920's themed wedding in a beautiful theater in downtown Portland. McKenzie played the music in his own wedding. Lovely!

His brother, Courtney, holding the balloon that his son, Henry (the ring bearer) carried down the aisle (& reading something special). I loved it!

The kiss!

It was a semi-formal wedding, so we enjoyed the chance to get dressed up. Plus, we let Finn spend the night with Mummi & Pappa, so we only had to keep Cedar entertained. :)

As a special treat, we got to hang out with Sandy & Nicole, who came down from Walla Walla, Washington, as well as the rest of our Bible Study group.

Cedar, Kenton, Katrina, Sandy, Nicole, Jon, Amy, Colin & Stephanie

What a fun date!

For Amy to steal for her blog. ;)

The Getaway!

What a great wedding! So beautiful & so much love. :)

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Jon and Amy said...

That wedding was a lot of fun! And I do plan on stealing that picture of us for my blog...when I actually get a chance to blog the wedding!!! lol! Thanks again for taking that for me- I don't get to dress up too often!